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The Story - Why we know it works


During the pandemic lockdowns, Alisson and John felt their personal productivity and motivation to do work was waning. So they started an experiment. In the morning each day, they would call each other and verbalize three things which they needed to get done that day. Then just before they finished in the afternoon, they would call each other again and debrief how it all went. During this second call, both would be very open to admitting any failings or roadblocks they experienced and then discuss together how they could use strategic approaches or different tactical ways to do better.


It worked great because the other person wasn’t a boss, wasn’t a family member or friend, so they could open up to each other and be honest about what worked and what didn’t. There’s no pressure, no judgmental person on the other end or boss who is berating you.


Alison and John’s lives improved substantially after they got into this groove. Because they were both remote, freelancers, this system also provided other benefits. Both noticed it gave them a sense of belonging and community too. In fact, out of the hundreds of emails and zooms, the twice-daily phone calls were one of the rare things they actually looked forward to each day.


You might know these discussions as a different name - WIPs (work in progress) or stand-ups. What you call it doesn’t really matter.







On the 1 January we will all get together to launch the start of your 100 day sprint.




Once everyone has registered, Alison and John will match you up with a fellow 100DOS fan who will have some similarity to your situation and who is in the same time zone. They wil be your accountability buddy for the next 100 days. You both exchange contact details and schedule into your calendars, two 5 minute calls daily. We will provide you with guidance around the questions to ask and how to conduct these calls so you get the most out of them. You are free to use whatever communication method you wish. Phone calls, email, Slack, Zoom etc.




At the end of each week on a Friday, the whole 100DOS group meets up together and we all do a group debrief. We go over the most popular crowdsourced questions/concerns/tactics/strategies from everyone.  We can all learn what’s worked for us and share our wisdom with the group in a collective way. Alison and John will facilitate a discussion and provide a brief workshop session which supplements this disucssion with some academic and practical wisdom. 




Every second week, we will have a special event instead of the regular group debrief. A semi-famous guest speaker will speak to everyone in a masterclass format. Topics will vary, but the speaker will share their wisdom on different speciality areas. These will all be related to personal achievement, growth, discipline, accountability, goal setting, success etc.


We’ll make sure all of these people are highly qualified and not selling anything. They are just there to share wisdom for the benefit of all. Nothing more.




Throughout the period, Alison and John will check in personally with each person who signed up and have at least one personal 1 on 1’s.




At the end of the 100 days we’ll all meet up together and see how everyone did. Hopefully you have achieved the things you wanted to achieve - or at least made some progress. At the very least, you'll have improved your ability to get things done. The things that you want to get done. 




You can do another 100 days sprint after that if you want or apply a similar thing on your own for sustained effect.

Alisson and John also have limited capacity for formalized advisory, mentoring and coaching services. 

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Your Instructors

Alison McIntyre


Dr Alison draws on her PhD in behavioural economics, coaching expertise and experience building a bootstrapped, fully remote, global software startup (which got acquired). Read her full story here

John James


John draws on his background in strategic growth marketing where execution expertise was critical to success. He also brings over 7 years of his own practical business entrepreneurship and formalized advisory board experience into the fray. Read his full story here

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We aren't discriminating as to who can do 100DOS, but the thing everyone has in common is that they want to achieve things. They want to sustain movitation. They want to complete some goals they have. They want to get into a habit of being able to do this consistently over time. 


For that reason, it's popular with business owners or entrepreneurs,
People wanting to get fit

People who want to learn or improve their skills within a discipline

It really doesn't matter what you want to achieve, you can tap into the 100DOS group to get it done!


We'll make sure we pair you up with people of similar persuasion so there's natural empathy and understanding. 



You’ll spend $4 a day on a coffee without thinking. You’ll buy motivational books for $20 which give you a temporary pang of productivity. You’ll attend overpriced workshops and seminars for hundreds or thousands of dollars which just lead to more workshops and more seminars and more courses.


For just $1-10 per day, you can actually achieve the things you want to achieve. Instead of just talking about them or promising it to yourself. 


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Is this like Mentoring or coaching?

Mentoring, advisory, and coaching are broader in their scope. There are already many people who offer these services. 100DOS is focused 100% on achieving whatever specific thing you want to achieve. With that said, you’ll inevitably pick up pointers during the 100 days about mindset, orientation, thinking processes, and general productivity - topics which mentors, advisers and choaches will cover with you.


In fact, combining 100DOS with coaches, mentors or advisers is a killer combination.


Alison and John have personal coaches and mentors too. They use their coach or mentor for the macro orientation and use 100DOS more for the micro management, tactical execution side. This helps you actually execute and put into practice the advice/wisdom you’re receiving. This is often the hardest part. 


Who can join? Is this only for business people?

No. There are no restrictions. We don’t discriminate. But you must have an idea of something you want to achieve to use as the basis for this 100 day sprint. Note: for now we are only going to be talking in English for the weekly sessions, but there are plans to expand into more time zones and languages. 


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