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Do what is important

Not just what is urgent

Get your shit done

Writing lists is easy - getting things done is the hard part

It's time to build

Time to get shit done

Here's a personal trainer for your own productivity


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We’re not all super-human robots who can spend 8-12 hours per day churning through tasks and ticking everything off. 


Naturally, both our motivation and productivity will ebs and flows. It’s not constant. It’s not reliable. It’s not dependable. 


Making everything harder is isolation. Whether you are working from home, a freelancer or business owner or someone who just can’t afford a support network. 


It’s very easy to get stuck in a guilt spiral

But, what if there was a solution?


A way that you could learn to be better, faster, more efficient, more disciplined, and still enjoy the rest of your week. Without the feelings of guilt, denial, 


Something which kept your accountable, without too much pressure or at some exorbitant cost?


This is not a new system. Entrepreneurs use it. It’s been proven over many times before. We even use it personally [insert image of Alison and John] every day.

And it’s devastatingly effective. 


It’s nothing fancy. It’s actually quite simple. And for the price of a coffee per day, it could be yours! 


Make a change for the better for 100 days. 


Here’s how it works. 


It’s called an accountability buddy. 


Science shows that by simply telling someone what you are going to do that day, and then having them check in on you at the end of the day, you’ll increase your chances of getting those things done by X%.


First of all, we match you up with someone in a similar position to you, who’s in the same timezone. 


Each day, in the morning you call each other and tell the other person at least three tasks that you want to get done. It’s up to both of you what time these calls are and what tasks you want to tell each other. Then at the end of the day, you have another call and tell the other person how it went. Sort of like a mini debrief. Because you don’t work with this person and they aren’t friends or family, and they don’t have a vested interest in your tasks, you can be brutally honest with them. Admitting to any failings and discuss the roadblocks you have. The other person may have some good advice for you - maybe not. Maybe your roadblocks are mental, maybe they are process, maybe they are skill-based. It can be complex. 

Either way, over time, you’ll learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get better at listening and finding out how the other person works. You’ll get better at giving better advice.


The best thing about these calls is there’s no pressure. There’s no judgemental person on the other end or boss who is poised to berate you for not getting something done.


And that’s why it works. 


Seems simple. And it is. 


Why don’t more people do it? 




Something we’ll take care of for you. 


We both use the system ourselves and have set everything up for you. To keep it both effective, efficient and affordable. 




The investment level ranges from $99 to $1995 depending on which program you choose. 







Ali Adores Alliteration and Acronyms

Systems and Sprints

Build systems - sustainable change

Do sprints 

Defined deadline and workflow

Productivity and Purpose

Work with purpose and feel the flow of productivity

Accountability and Action

Your accountability buddy and the whole group of participants are there to help you take action on your dream

Resources and resilience

We have resources for your toolbox


Build resilience to challenges while we learn together

Kindred spirits and Kindness

Like minded people

Kind hearted people

But we are here to achieve goals that are important and have impact and leverage in our lives

SPARK - the best Five Letter Acronym

Rekindle the sparks of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship that have been burnt out by pandemic life. 


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Speak to one of our team today and ask anything about Coast.


Speak to one of our team today and ask anything about Coast.